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Music City Bus Riders United

GOAL: $50,000.00

Workers' Dignity is raising $50,000 in December. Since we launched Music City Riders United last year, bus riders have won major civil rights victories, including: expanded hours on the Bordeaux bus servicing historically black North Nashville neighborhoods; free bus transfers; reconstruction of degrading bathrooms at the station, and more.

Now, MCRU is in the middle of Workers’ Dignity’s largest campaign ever. Workers in Nashville are facing a deepening crisis of skyrocketing rents, low wages, and poor public transit. We’ve taken a leading role with other grassroots groups to launch the People’s Alliance for Transit, Housing and Employment to demand affordable housing, living wage jobs, and expanded bus service into transit deserts, tied to Mayor Barry’s $5.2 billion transit referendum proposal. Support community and worker organizing, because as Frederick Douglass taught us, power concedes nothing without a demand!

 We're raising the $50,000 budget to continue the work from December 1st through the new year (January 3rd) in a crowdfunding campaign.

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