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Our organization is dedicated to being run by everyday people. Your support matters.

Just like our investment in the new worker-center house, we're asking you to invest in our movement. All donations to Workers’ Dignity are appreciated, but a regular monthly contribution will help create a sustainable future for Workers’ Dignity and the culture it aims to create.

If you are a new donor, this is a great way to start giving. Whether it's $15 a month, $35 a month, or $75 a month, your support matters a lot. By becoming one of our new monthly donors, you are making our new projects this year possible.

Thank you so much if you are already contributing monthly to Workers’ Dignity. Your support means the world to us. We encourage you to consider increasing the amount you regularly give. (If you give through this page, we'll update your previous contribution level.)

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318 members      $300,000 wages recovered      $600k/yr in raised hotel pay

Workers’ Dignity is a worker-led center
organizing for economic justice and dignity for all!

How can I help?

Sustainability through
grassroots giving means:

Workers’ Dignity is in the hands of the movement.
Run by members, supported by allies, and free from outside influence.

Through regular contributions, allies can support the work of members.

Stay engaged with our projects & actions. Between the new radio,
the new house, & your new donations, we'll be ready to expand
in this new year.


How much should I give?

A balanced commitment

If you are ___ and you make ___, will you give...

$30k salary

$50k salary

$80k salary

A supporter -
2% of your income

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$80 / month

$130 / month

A Nashville activist -
4% of your income

$100 / month

$160 / month

$260 / month

A core supporter -
6% of your income

$150 / month

$240 / month

$400 / month

The average volunteer at Workers' Dignity gives 6 hours a month of their time. In terms of hours, that's between 2% and 8% of the average person's workng time.


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