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Fund Dignity for All!

$10,325.00 raised out of : $20,000.00
GOAL: $20,000.00

Nashville has changed a lot since a small group of workers founded Workers’ Dignity in 2010. Income inequality has skyrocketed and average rent prices have nearly doubled, we’ve become the most hazardous city in the South for construction workers, and the public transit system remains stuck in ditches and the dark ages despite 100 people moving here every day. Our city leaders have traded our public land and our history for skyscrapers and sweetheart deals with developers. Every day, we risk losing more of the people who both make Nashville run and make Nashville special.

But Workers’ Dignity has changed too. We’ve taken on bigger and bigger fights that impact thousands, instead of dozens, of working people. In January of this year, the department store chain Target announced it would cut its Tennessee contract with the notoriously-abusive cleaning agency Diversified Maintenance. Music City Riders United released a report with data from over 600 bus riders about the racial and economic inequities in our public transit, and were able to help fend off the budget cuts most other agencies faced in 2018. We’ve partnered with the Painters’ union and others for a years-long campaign to bring worker-led safety enforcement to job sites and a basic floor of pay and conditions across Nashville commercial construction.

However, all our fights big and small, start with one belief: that everyday people can come together to secure economic justice and dignity for all. All our fights start with a few people who demand to be treated like people.

This 9th Anniversary, we’re raising $20,000 to keep building the movement Nashville needs. Will you help fund dignity this Spring?

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Abijah Gattis donated $25
Ildefonso Magana donated $100
Mario Cespedes donated $100
Andrew Moore donated $100
Anne Wilson donated $25
Charles Yezbak donated $500
Tina Tsui donated $50
Andrew Davis donated $15
Tomy Torres donated $10
Marianne Sanders donated $100
Emily Richardson donated $20
Melody Fowler-Green donated $250
Don Chomsky donated $100
A Randolph donated $20
Sean Siple donated $10
Liz Johnson donated $25
Elizabeth Manning donated $15
Samantha Ziemba donated $10
Sam Knox donated $5
Kelsey Hutchinson donated $10
Jim Wohlgemuth donated $5
Gert Comfrey donated $20
Kathy MacLachlan donated $25
Evan Kroske donated $100
Gail Seavey donated $50
Katie Alexander donated $10
Mary L McKinney donated $20
Shawn Reilly donated $20
Nell Levin donated $50
Nathaniel Hoekstra donated $25

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