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Wages and benefits increased $680,000 in Nashville hotels.
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Led by low-wage workers: our structure is our strategy.

Unity is Strength.

Latest news:

The Monthly-donor Drive is Done: Here’s how we did

It was a huge success, and it turns us to a new page laying out how we can continue to grow independent funding for the movement in Nashville.

43 people signed up as new or increased donors since one month ago when we began our campaign, contributing an extra $937/month. That’s $11,214 more every year that Workers’ Dignity will have to count on as reliable, politically independent contributions.

It brings our total number of monthly donors to 90, and doubles the amount of our budget covered by monthly donors to roughly 10%.

That’s nearly 100 — think you can help us get there? The page to become a monthly donor is still live.

Thanks to those who worked on the campaign. Nearly 400 phonecalls from volunteers and countless face-to-face conversations created the wave of new commitments that we now can rest surely on.

Several more announcements are coming over the horizon. Be on the lookout.

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